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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
And how is a guy like me who walks with a cane after having a stroke going to defend myself against a buff drug dealer with a machete on the street?
Easily. Don't go to Haiti.

We understand your point but some of your examples are seriously weird. Pull back a bit. Wild highly improbably scenarios are bad form in debate. Realism and highest probability of occurrence are your friend. This isn't a presidential debate - we want logic and discourse.

Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
I would say it is easier to use but not to use effectively. Some people don't go down due to a Stan wound and you have to know where the tendons and neves are and slash in the right place to bring the guy down. You have to be quick enough and strong enough to use one which a yong woman or old man can't get. The rule of 27 doesnt apply here because you would already have your gun drawn and pointed and it only takes a fraction of a second to pull the trigger.

Why weaken the resposable Gun owners because of a fe irresponsible ones.
I've done extensive CQC training. A knife is easier to learn to use effectively. Hands down. There are far fewer variables, fewer skills, and fewer habits that must be learned to use them properly. Knives also require very little in the way of physical ability to use. That's why they are so widespread and have been so through history. My grandmother could fatally stab a guy because the knife does all the work.

And your assumption about the rule of 27 feet is flawed. You assume that you will always have the gun drawn and pointed at them before they notice you. Why make this assumption? It's a bad one to make. Emergency plans always have to be made with the worst scenario in mind. In this case the worst scenario is that the robber notices you first. More commonly you will notice each other at roughly the same time in which case the 27 feet rule does apply.

And - let me repeat this so you will stop making the comments to me - I am not against gun ownership. I am not trying to take anyone's guns away. I am not trying to convince anyone that guns are bad. I am merely presenting a different side to the argument.

Personally - in home defense - I would rather have the snap baton that sits next to my bed than a gun but I have training in using a baton. I've fired a gun once 14 years ago. I just don't really care for guns. Personal preference.

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