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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
No. They are crazy. Do you know how often someone on the street is attacked by a buff machete wielding drug dealer in America? Virtually never because that shit would be plastered on every tv they could find. It's too sensational not to. And most muggings end if you shown any sign of calling for help. Most burglaries end if they realize someone in the house is awake. Most weapons are a security blanket. .
Here are the senerios I know of when I was younger my father and I were confronted by 3 guys with bats that threatened us and were going to beat us till they saw my dad had a gun. My friend INS in his 60s not to long ago was walking from Church to his car was confronted by a man who demanded his car keys. My friend showed a gun and immediately the situation was defused.

Those are real situation that happen every day thank god my friend and dad had a gun. I only used machete example because that's what you or someone's said that what the bad guys are armed with when they break in your house.

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