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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
The government would never put in the money it takes to trace down every single gun people own in America and then retrieve them, there are millions of them, it would never happen, which is one of the big reasons why guns will never be banned.

More importantly, let's say the government did try to trace and retrieve them, how many people are going to say "yeah here you go, here's the gun"? Certainly 0 criminals, 0 gun enthusiasts, and a large portion of the general population who simply have to say "I don't have it anymore, sorry".

Most of the guns in the country would still be here in the country, and the ones that are taken would simply be resupplied by the black market, criminals would get their guns from there instead of the legal shops, it would not stop, prevent, or hurt criminals getting guns on any level to ban them, it would only make legitimate gun owners commit a crime of lying to the authority so they can keep their gun.
Next time I get stopped for having a bit of weed on me, I should just say "I dont have any weed, sorry".

I know the govenment will never do it, but isnt that kind of the point of the thread? If you reference the black market, everything should be legal. Stealing a TV right out of the store should be legal because Ive got a mate who sells some. Black market is much more rare than the 'market'. There are people who want a handgun, so they go and buy one. People not connection to any criminal activies or anything. If buying a gun were illegal, the people with no criminal connection would have no way to get one. It's like people who have never come across drugs or drug use. You see it all around you if you know some people into them, but if you dont then they almost dont seem to exist.

It will never happen, but countries where guns are illegal have less gun crimes...obviously.

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