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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
If you have weed in your pocket and your stoned out of your mind, he's probably going to do a quick search. 99% of the time you would get asked this question if high while driving, in which case no, cops don't search your car for a bag of weed unless they are extremely bored, if you say no you don't have anything on you, you have a 99% chance of not getting caught so long as you don't have a big bag of weed in your pocket.

When did I say that a gun prevents people from shooting you? Please find a post of mine that even remotely mentions that. I said that you cannot on any level prevent criminals from getting guns, even if you make them illegal, it's 100% impossible in America, there are far too many guns in the hands of the public and you can already get illegal guns all over the place, if they became illegal to own in general the illegal gun market would drastically rise, and criminals would still get illegal guns very, very easily.

You haven't proposed a single, tiny argument that can withstand scrutiny about how to prevent criminals from getting guns and killing people. "Ban guns" Doesn't solve the problem, on any level. You would have to come up with something far more complex and detailed than that to even start gun prevention in America, much less actually prevent it.
I was going to quote how American cops were supposed to be so strict and how in Ireland you will always get searched if they suspect you, but then you mentioned being bored. I got stopped by the cops the other night when I was walking home pissed on a Tuuesday. They asked if I had taken any drugs, and I was like "On a tuesday night? Who takes drugs on a tuesday night?". I swear they only pulled me over cause they were bored and thought a conversation with a drunk guy would amuse them for a few minutes.

They wouldnt just say "TAKE AMERICAS GUNS!!!!!". It would start small, which I believe it is already. They start with small towns and spread it around a state. That way it is much more managable. I dont think they are getting rid of guns but instead being very strict with gun liscensing, and removing guns from people who dont have the correct liscence + a big fine. I mean that guy can go out and get another, but it's not an infinite source, and eventually they wont be able to get one. You start with making sure gun shops follow proper proceedures. I imagine America is crazy strict with it's border so gun importation wont be that high. Manufacturers sell to reliable sources and not to Joe on the streets. I mean it wont help everything but every gun out of someones hands is a potential life saved from a criminal activity.

I havent solved the world's issues in gun crime? Damn, I think I should step down as president then. I'm just saying that having a gun for protection doesnt even out a criminal having a gun. People say they need a gun to protect themselves and their family, but anywhere inb the world I feel confident in my ability to do that without having a gun.

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