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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
Cops indeed do get bored and mess with you for no reason. I saw a cop stop a guy for jaywalking when the roads had no traffic on them and he was like 15 feet from a crosswalk.

If you are just trying to say that owning a gun doesn't necessarily keep you and your family safe from criminals with guns, then I agree. However, you choosing (or being forced) to not have a gun doesn't make it anymore safe, and wouldn't do any good or serve any purpose. Have a gun, don't have a gun, criminals are going to break into your house with guns, weather those guns are legal or not.
To be honest, you should probably just move if you're at such a high risk .

Originally Posted by locnott View Post
Yeah, like Mexico.. look that one up.
It should be that way, but its not the guns its the people that are the causing the crimes.
Drugs are illegal in america, therefore there should be no drugs here!!!!!!!!
Politics and religion are opinion its probably pointless to try to convince anyone to change theirs.
But Mexico is crazy. Drugs are much less available than they would be if they were legal. As I said before, there are billions of people who have never even crossed paths with drugs and it's a whole different world to them, where as in America, they will almost certainly have crossed paths with guns.

Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
Sean Taylor (football player) was killed in a home invasion. He had a machete for protection. In an open space without a gun when the other person has one, good luck.
He probably would have been julled if he had a gun himself.

Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
A skunk?

I'd say someone mistook that man for being competent.
My centiments exactly lol.

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