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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
I think Rick is still that good guy, but can now make the hard decisions without thinking. He's finally adapting to the world he is in.
He's certainly become hardened. He's killed two little girls already albeit zombies. Killed his best friend and anyone that compromises the security of the crew. That machete scene last week was pretty hardcore.

Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
How many of you want Lori to have that baby? I sure as hell hope something happens to it. Babies and zombies don't go together.
No more zombie babies. That really messes with my mind. I mean what do you feed it. Human flesh frappé mixed in a blender.

Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
I liked the idea of it being a Walker already, inside of her. That would of made for an AWESOME scene...and she'd be dead. WINS ALL ROUND. Yeah I'm not a Lori fan.

People will die for the baby in the season I suspect.
You should see Dawn Of The Dead. That scene is second to the Aliens bursting scene.

I think the Walkers are phenemonal. Most zombie films aren't even as detailed as the ones here. Huge assortment of zombies in various settings.

- bicycle zombie
- Sofia zombie
- zombie hanging in the tree with half his legs eaten
- riot zombies
- zombie cops
- zombie kids
- transformation of zombies. Very cool effect.
- bloated zombie in the well that gets cut in half...hah...hah
- zombie mom was one of the creepiest when she was trying to open the door to her son
- zombie prisoners
- zombie clown (oh wait that's Zombieland)

Feel free to add some of your favorite zombies.

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