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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
My religious views (or lack there of) aside, it's just arrogance. To think an almighty being chose you over another one of his 'children' just reeks of bad sportsmanship in my eyes.

Don't like it. Never have, never will. But I've also stopped bitching about it. I go and get some food/make a drink after a Bendo fight now.
Originally Posted by Killz View Post
Yeah, Im not a fan. Im all for free speach and believing in what ever you want to believe in but it irritates me.

Mainly from a non religious point of view and the fact i find the whole 'thanking god for things' a bit silly.

For instance, Bendo ALWAYS goes on about god when he wins, but what if 2 very religious God thankers are fighting each other. Does the one who loses think that god did him no favours this time out? does he think That god likes the other guy better? I have no idea of how to rationalise someone thanking God for a victory as when they lose what do they think from a religious point of view?
Pretty much this. It's bullshit, it's hypocritical and in Bendo's case, extremely overdone. If you feel you have to do something, why not just do a quick cross over the chest (dunno what it's called) like footy players do when they enter the pitch.

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