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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post's happened many times to the best of us. I rushed to the bathroom for a break, then I hear the cards being dealt, next thing I know I hear the I'm spraying piss all over my toilet and myself...true story...and rush to my seat only to have my hand get folded with rockets.
Been there, done that. No more. The pee bottle is the online grinders best friend.
Another even sadder story I had a straight and the pot was like $2k (four/five way pot with two all ins) and I had wrapped up a 20+ hour marathon session...I inexplicably folded. That's when I took a break from online. It's been about a year, but I'll be making a comeback. Online takes supreme concentration especially if you're multi-tabling.
$2k pot? Wow, what stakes did you play? Like 3/6? Thats pretty baller. It sure requires a hell of a lot of concentration, I just finished a five hour 9 table 6max session, my brain is pretty fried. So much fun though. And I'm soundly beating the stakes I'm playing at, even though the money isn't all that great.
PS: Watch out for the CALL ANYTHING check box...roflz!
That box is just ridicolous. I've never used it ever.

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