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Originally Posted by cdtcpl View Post
I couldn't disagree more. What we have here is a legitimate finisher vs a guy who has played it safe. Condit is a warrior who, other than his Diaz fight, focuses on getting his opponent into positions where he can finish them. I think in standing Condit would beat the GSP we have been seeing, but if old GSP comes back then GSP will have the striking edge. On the ground GSP will have the TD edge, but Condit has a wicked guard and I see him tapping GSP.

Anyone who is looking past Condit is just asking to be shocked, because Condit is one of the few fighters who actually deserves his nickname. The last time GSP "Rush"ed to anything, it was to the judges score cards.
Serious question, what is the basis of the bold part? You say you see Condit tapping GSP, honestly, how, and why?

GSP has been submitted once, when he got careless against Hughes. In every other fight in his career, he has never even been close to getting submitted, by anyone, anywhere.

I agree Condit has a decent ground game, but I simply don't understand what logical basis you could so confidently say he could submit GSP. If Condit beats GSP, it will be on the feet, there is no reason at all to think he can beat GSP on the ground, based on their history.
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