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Originally Posted by Finnsidious View Post
Serious question, what is the basis of the bold part? You say you see Condit tapping GSP, honestly, how, and why?

GSP has been submitted once, when he got careless against Hughes. In every other fight in his career, he has never even been close to getting submitted, by anyone, anywhere.

I agree Condit has a decent ground game, but I simply don't understand what logical basis you could so confidently say he could submit GSP. If Condit beats GSP, it will be on the feet, there is no reason at all to think he can beat GSP on the ground, based on their history.
GSP has never sat in the guard of someone who actually works out of it. Sure he did well on top of BJ Penn, Kos, and Hardy, but none of these men try to attack from their back, they just try to get out of his guard and onto their feet. GSP also has bad habits from top, like posturing up while keeping an arm stiff on the mat, ignoring leg positions, and so forth.

If GSP had taken Shields down and shut him down I would probably not feel this way, but he didn't, he smartly stayed on his feet. Condit doesn't have that reputation and in this fight it is to his benefit. Condit is ruthless on the ground, won't give GSP an inch to move or setup bunt instead will use the bottom to get GSP to make mistakes. A mistake against GSP and he uses it to build his point lead. A mistake against Condit and he finishes the fight.
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