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Day - Seven

It is starting to get around 30-40 degrees, so we're doing our runs in the gym now.

After our hour run, we went through a general yoga workout similar to last friday. From what I understand we will have Dan coming in on Friday's to put us through this workout.

There was one portion I enjoyed during this that stands out. We were in a plank-like postion and were being pushed on...pulled different directions. The goal was to remain steady and not move with the movement.

After the general workout we worked on ladder drills for foot-work, after the ladder 8-burpees, a sprint back to the ladder. We ended up doing 5 or 8 cycles.

after the circuit drills were done we had free-rounds.

I spent 3-five minute rounds working on combos.
one round on muy thai on a bag.
the last round I worked on on one with jeff. He had been showing some of the guys last friday a transition from the front-headlock to a side-mount.

Say I was in the head-lock I would grab the tricep of the arm that was choking me, as I forcibly pull the arm down to the right you throw your left leg under and forwards so the hip is on the mat.

Awesome night again with Dan, I am enjoying these general workouts.

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