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Originally Posted by TheOldAssassin View Post
1. Has Rashad gotten over The Jones Thing - and for that matter, will he ever do so? (See Jens Pulver after BJ beat him, Ken Shamrock after Tito beat him, etc.).

3. Lil Nog outperformed Rashad against Tito, in consecutive fights for Tito (it's not as if the two fights were three years apart or anything like that) - and not just because he finished Tito faster: Did Lil Nog damn near get submitted by Tito?

5. Lil Nog has the advantage in camps. Don't take my word for that - ask Bigfoot, who left the Lackzilians (who are a combined 8-9 in the UFC, and not counting one specific fighter - Michael Johnson - they're 4-8) to join Team Nogueira, and commented that he was happy to be in a "real camp" again when he did! And remember that Bigfoot had been training with Rashad. What kind of inside info will he be able to pass on to Lil Nog?
I really don't think these matter.

I'm sure his over it. He got brutally put down by Machida and lost his belt, i don't see how he couldn't come over this. He's a professional athlete.

Can't really take the outperforming as a sign. That's like using mma math.

The camps and their records won't change anything. Evans still has world class training partners and at the end, it's the fighter in the cage, not the camp.

Still taking Rashad by a decisive victory.

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