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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
1 - As my man said above me, Rashad lost in far more brutal fashion to Machida. He not only lost to Machida but he also got finished soundly in the 2nd round. Oh, and he lost his UFC LHW title too. What happened after that? He came back to convincingly beat 4 top fighters.

The "brutality" of the loss is not the issue; the fact that the Jones fight was a grudge match is the issue; and besides the examples of Pulver and Shamrock that I cited, look at what has happened to Paul Daley ever since he lost his grudge match to Josh Koscheck by decision!

And give me a break - a 29-28 decision is "convincingly beating" someone? (Rashad's win over Thiago at UFC 108; and under the MFC's half-point system, this fight would have been a draw because Rashad would have been awarded both of the first two rounds 10-9.5 while Thiago would have won Round 3 10-9 for a 29-29 draw). And even against Rampage, one of the three judges had it 29-28. Plus he almost got submitted by Tito, and didn't finish Davis.

2.Rashad, imo, won the first round vs Jones, but after those elbows in the 2nd round, he became gunshy. He just became reliant on trying to catch Jones with something big. Still, he wouldn't get finished and I believe a rematch would be even more competitive against Jones if Rashad remembered he was an explosive wrestler who can mix it up and not Sugar Ray Leonard. Definitely
Again, did you really read my original post? I was pointing out that Rashad is coming off a loss, while Lil Nog is coming off a win - and that is a conceptual advantage for Lil Nog. What you have posted above, though not necessarily inaccurate, is totally irrelevant to the point I was trying to make.

3. The biggest LOL. You are really going to use that logic? Man, a majority of your posts are pretty well thought out, but simply suggesting that Lil Nog is going to beat Rashad all because he finished Tito quicker is the kind of post I would expect from John28485304534534 or whatever his screentag is.

Imo, Rashad's destruction of Tito was more entertaining and impressive because he was coming off a pretty big layoff and was fighting a confident and incredibly game Ortiz who came off a quick stoppage against Ryan Bader - who beat up Lil Nog for three rounds. Hey, that's just what Phil Davis did too! And who did Rashad fight before Jones? Philly D. Who he made look like an amateur for 5 rounds. MMA math, sucks, I know.
Again, there appears to be a lack of reading comprehension here. Lil Nog didn't outperform Rashad against Tito merely because he finished Tito sooner. What about the submission attempt that came within a whisker of ending the fight?

And you don't make any opponent "look like an amateur" if you don't finish him - and Rashad never even came close to finishing Davis.

4. So Rashad specifically wanted to cash in on an ACTUAL title opportunity. I know nothing about the NFL, but I do know that a majority of fighters want to fight for the belt instead of a bloke who's only just within the top 10 bracket.
I don't know Lil Nog personally, so I can't say for sure whether he took this as a personal slight. But it is certainly possible.

5. Doesn't matter how much info Bigfoot gives Lil Nog. Lil Nog's the one who's going to have to go in there and defend agains the speed, takedown, ground and pound of Rashad Evans. I think Rashad can stand with him too, actually. Blackhouse is a successful camp, I admit. But a successful camp doesn't make a fighter. Look at Leonard Garcia.
If won-lost records don't mean anything when evaluating how good a camp is, then what does mean anything?

Besides, there has been a lot of turnover when it comes to coaches at that camp: Mike van Arsdale - who followed Rashad from Jackson's - left, and so did Sergio Gasparelli (Babu). I believe Amaury Bitetti has left as well. Mario Sperry appears to be "in charge" now.

I'll stick by my prediction, and carry it a great deal further: Rashad is going to go on a long, long losing streak that will see him fighting on the same type of circuits as Jeremy Horn is now fighting on, within 18 months to two years.

The only way Rashad might be able to evade this fate is if he moves down to middleweight.

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