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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
What is there to be confused about?

If it's hunting season, then he's done nothing wrong and quite frankly, unless you're a vegetarian you really don't have the room to criticize him considering what goes in a slaughter house is much, much worse than putting a bullet in a deer's head and being done with it, from that quote it sounds like they fed the people the animal. Which I have no problem with.

I'm not sure how hunting is looked at in Manchester but in North Carolina it's quite common.
Hughes wasn't hunting these animals for food or to feed the locales, (even though he implies that's what he went over for). That wasn't his intention. His goal was to fly over to Africa and kill some exotic animals....for pleasure. Nothing else. He killed those animals because he finds it fun to kill them.

I have no problem with folk hunting as a means for food and to survive, what I do have a problem with, are sick human beings who kill animals for pleasure and their own satisfaction.

What kind of sick freak looks at some of those beautiful animals and says to themselves; "I'd love to put a bullet through it's head, just for fun!".

I'm an animal lover, so seeing things like this go on disgust me really. If you're hunting for food, or for over population issues then there is no problem what so ever. Killing those creatures for fun?

Get the fck outta here with that shit.

Oh and Lyoto - it's Manchestorrrrrr

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