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Originally Posted by Joabbuac View Post
I dont team up with him....i was joking anyway, I don't really think someone should shoot you.

Anyone who kills for fun is morally corrupt, i don't care if they have also done some good, Jimmy Savile raped kids...but hey, he raised a bunch of money for them too - so its OK right?

No...your General is a corrupt person, no good will change that.
There's a very clear reason why in 2012, when we can go into a store and pick up a wide verity of food (much of which isn't meat) and already hunted/sliced meat so we don't have to do it, we still choose to go out of our way to hunt/fish/kill animals to eat. It's in our nature, it's part of what we do naturally, so much so that even when we have piles of already hunted/killed meat at a store, many of us go kill animals and eat them anyways, it's just part of our nature.

I fish all the time, I cut their heads off, rip their guts out then cook and eat them. I don't do it cause I need food, I have a store nearby that I can buy already set fish/meat/non-meat products, I do it because I get a primal excitement when doing it, when catching fish and bringing it home to eat, it's in our nature, it's part of who we are as a race. When a fish bites your hook, there's a level of excitement that is unique because it comes from your natural instinct to hunt, and I am sure it is probably the same when you land a shot on a legal animal during legal hunting season.
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