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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
And that is the comment of someone who has never known someone who deserved death. I know this will offend you - and probably GrappleRetarded - but not all killing is wrong. If you kill an animal for the meat and enjoy yourself while doing it - that's not wrong. If you kill someone who is a threat to others - that is not wrong.

That General is one of the most highly regarded men in the United States military by his men. For being fair and empathetic to their and the civilians needs. There is at least one story of him personally going to the home of a civilian who had been caught in the crossfire and talking to the man's widow personally. Is that a corrupt man? I don't think so.

I wouldn't call that a great film. Everyone has to draw that line. Hunting isn't that line. It's why it's legal and considered helpful in many communities. An extreme case of violence is ****, murder, assault with a deadly weapon... not deer hunting.
Shutter Island is a great film. It's very thought provoking and much deeper than it appears on the surface - which is just another thriller type film (and a good one at that).

Hunting for the wrong reasons is where to draw the line. As I said earlier, hunting for food or for other ethical issues which affect your well-being is fine and perfectly acceptable.

How ever, any human beings that gain satisfaction from randomly killing animals (not for food) indicates that there is a problem with that persons mind set. It's just wrong.
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