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Originally Posted by Joabbuac View Post
Lets just make it clear i have no problem with hunting, its obviously something that is needed to survive. But you make good points it probably is exciting but so are a lot of things i would consider wrong...

I get a primal excitement from landing punches in training, feels great - but we are both willing - having your fun at the expense of another life will never sit right with me, its not something i would feel right to do myself.

Ive fished...its alright, when you catch something. Put it in your net, count them up at the end then let them go - you get your hunting buzz.
And it's fine that you personally would not get excited out of it, countless others do, and just because they do does not mean they are "morally corrupt", it's part of our natural instincts, many of us don't feel bad about it because of how we naturally feel, not because we are sickos who are morally corrupt.

Unless you are calling nature "morally corrupt", there's no moral corruption or moral weakness or whatever, it's just what humans do as animals, as big apes, our ape cousins tend to eat things alive a lot of the time, just be happy we have evolved passed that into at least making sure our meal is dead before we eat it.

Disagreeing with it personally is one thing, calling people who do it for fun (because it's natural to do so) morally corrupt is another.
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