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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
Shutter Island is a great film. It's very thought provoking and much deeper than it appears on the surface - which is just another thriller type film (and a good one at that).

Hunting for the wrong reasons is where to draw the line. As I said earlier, hunting for food or for other ethical issues which affect your well-being is fine and perfectly acceptable.

How ever, any human beings that gain satisfaction from randomly killing animals (not for food) indicates that there is a problem with that persons mind set. It's just wrong.
If you found it thought provoking more power to you. I found it simply boring. Exceedingly well made but nothing particularly thought provoking about it. I don't care for twist ending movies where I can see the ending coming a mile away.

Anyways the article you linked too involved a man hunting, keeping a trophy, and giving the meat to people less fortunate than himself. What is wrong about that?

And, let me address a thought that has popped more than a few times here, a hunter's enjoyment does not come from killing the animal. It is not a pop at the death of it. It is enjoyment of the hunt itself. The experience rather than the kill. Most of the hunters I have known love animals. They respect them.

You guys cannot tell me you honestly believe they are going into the woods solely to pop a hard on when the deer dies? If so you've never been hunting and don't know anyone who has.

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