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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Not really...if anything it's even more hypocritical and gutless.

You cry about the "respect" of wild(or domesticated) beasts yet benefit from it.

It reminds me of those people who cry about sweatshops in China and yet buy Jordan's whenever they come out.

Seriously, people are really stupid.

In all of their self-righteousness, they somehow feel a need to justify everything they and other people do like anyone actually gives a ****.


Obviously that pig had no intrinsic value to you when you put it on your griddle without batting an eyelash.

Which is fair, because it's a pig. It has no value whatsoever other than the monetary value set by humans.

And with respect to that, shut the **** up about heartless ****ers and other such inanities.
Oh yeah dude Im stupid and insane because I dont believe in going out putting a bullet in an animals head and getting pleasure out of doing that.

If you think Im a hypocrite because I eat meat, but I have a problem with shooting things then your a ******* moron. One of those tea party gun toting morons that say the most bone thick ignorant things that make the rest of the world think that maybe you are simpletons, which obviously you are.

There is the food chain in nature where the strongest being eats from the top down. That is nature and that is life.
Going and shooting things for pleasure is not the natural food chain, its for horrible simpletons like Matt Hughes who is a famed bully and all around piece of shit, never mind his fighting skills. You are obviously in that bracket of the complete bone thick asshole.
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