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Originally Posted by DonRifle View Post
Nah theres a difference dude because when was the last time you bought a packet of bacon and visualised a pig getting slaughtered, screaming and blood everywhere? Probably never, but thats what you gotta do and see if you are killing the pig yourself. I dont think you can tell me that all the people who eat bacon are capable of slitting a pigs throat and so on?
A lot of people would probably vomit.

You also grow up eating like 95% of the world does, which involves meat and so on.
When you get to the age where you understand what goes on you have a choice of going vegan or maybe not eating veal, foie gras etc, things plainly against animals. Going vegan is extremely difficult because of the way society is. Its only the last 10 years restaurants etc have veg options and products on our shelves are free from animal products whether that be monosodium glutamate or whatever
I didn't read the whole discussion but.. i could never kill an animal, heck i wouldn't be able to hurt one. But i'm not going to critisize people who hunt animals in order to provide food to the rest or themselves.

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