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Sure no one gives a shit what I think, but this is a discussion forum and listening to hughes saying he can go to africa and shoot animals for sport because the bible of all things doesn't say he can't makes me want to express my opinion which im entitled to do.
The hughes line about feeding the people is horseshit, cant one of the natives not go and shoot the animals if they are hungry? No they cant because its against the law for locals to do it, and they can't afford to do it either
In my country people get up on horses take packs of dogs and hunt down foxes to kill them for sport, its the same shit really, killing animals for sport and fun which is wrong.
The King of Spain recently had a photo taken standing over an elephant which he shot in africa which he shot for sport. He got destroyed around the world for it and lost a huge amount of respect and credibility.

And to your point about animals not killing to eat, your forgetting that we are a lot more developed then animals just killing shit for the sake of killing to mark there territory or whatever. We have brains dude, and we can think!!

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