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Originally Posted by DonRifle View Post
Because there is a huge difference in actually doing the killing yourself and picking up a vacuum packed packet of bacon in the store. You are physically taking a life in the first. Out of site out of mind.
I really don't understand what this means?

So because someone who wants to hunt is taking the life it is a problem? But gathering hundreds of unaware animals in a dirty factory for slaughter is fine? Because you only see a package in the store? I don't get it?

One way an animal has free reign of the country to run. Where it actually takes quite a lot of knowledge know-how to be able to get a good shot on an animal. Other way animals are raised on a farm and fattened up, living in non-natural places waiting to stand in a line to be slaughtered.

One way seems pretty inhumane and it isn't hunting.
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