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Originally Posted by DonRifle View Post
nah dude totally wrong. I think hughes is one of the greatest fighters of all time. I read his book and he's a prick but i have huge respect for his achievements in the cage.
I cant make my point any more clear, killing animals for sport and fun is wrong. We as developed human being know better then that and we don't need a book written 2000 years ago to tell us what is right and wrong
The many bibles in the world are garbage, that's about the only thing I can agree with in your argument.

You do realize that people who hunt don't just leave the meat and stuff lying around, right? They use the food/material that is left behind? Why does it matter if they enjoy it or not? If they are using the animal, what is the problem?

Also, you realize that it isn't the "kill" that excites them, it's the hunt, right? It's being out in the woods with a gun, tracking an animal, finding it, making sure to do all the things right and get the shot off. The actual death of the animal isn't what they have fun doing, it's the hunt that leads up to the death and the death is the end result, in which they use the meat/materials so it doesn't go to waste.
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