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Originally Posted by DonRifle View Post
Dude lets not pretend hunting in africa has anything to do with population control of animals for a continent of starving people.
Bottom line is Hughes went to africa to kill animals because he likes killing animals. You guys in the states have laws that allow it etc so you think its fine, but the reality is people who hunt enjoy killing animals. Anyone who enjoys killing animals to me is a sick souless ****er. Im sorry but thats how I see killing animals. I might respect you as a tough dude and ex fighter but if you would tell me that you enjoy going out killing deer etc, a beautiful animal, I would tell you you are a sick heartless ****er.

I can only tolerate the killing of animals if they are somehow causing a problem to your farm, health or whatever. But again we are talking about africa here. Stick another 10mil animals there and you still won't have enough. Hughes went to kill for pleasure simple as that lets not try and dance around it.
Hunters do not enjoy the killing. Let me repeat this. Hunters do not enjoy the killing. It's about the challenge - the tracking, the patience, the skill of the shot. They make the kill cleanly, take a trophy of the trip, and use the animal appropriately*. They feed their families or in some places they give the meat to homeless shelters. Very, very few people go and shoot animals because it gets them hot.

What you are doing is projected an attitude and moral state over an entire culture which you have no firsthand experience of. From what I gather your British. Hunting for the British means a fox hunt where it is killing for sport. It's a massive hunt to murder a fox. No one eats the flesh. No one gets anything besides some rich bastard on a horse.

That is not what we are discussing. We are discussing actual hunters. People that I have known all of my life. My roommate is a hunter. He's not a heartless sociopath. A goober maybe but not heartless (Hey, ArcherCC!). My fiance has hunted and she is the most soft hearted person I have ever known. She cried when the dog died in I Am Legend.

*Note: Shake That Bear is not an appropriate use of a hunting kill.

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