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Originally Posted by DonRifle View Post
Im Irish, but yeah we have(had) the hunt also. Maybe I do misunderstand the whole philosophy of hunting regarding the skills tracking etc involved. That is a debatable point I agree, but there is skill in the fox hunt also, that skill doesn't mean anything to the poor fox though who is getting chased down scared shitless and eventually dies by being shot if the owners can manage to keep the dogs from ripping it apart.
Seeing the picture of that animal and hughes and the size of those creatures he killed probably driving round in the back of a safari jeep what is your opinion of what he has done there?
The kill was legal, clean, the target wasn't endangered, and the meat was given to people who needed it. I don't see a problem here and I hate Matt Hughes. I have met the man and read his book but I just can't find anything about this to get up in arms about.

It comes down to this - if you eat meat you have no high ground or moral authority to condemn hunters. None. It is complete hypocritical bleeding heart bs. The only difference between hunting your meat and buying it in a store is honesty. The hunter doesn't bs himself about what he is doing. That's why he respects the animals he kills.

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