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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
I really don't understand what this means?

So because someone who wants to hunt is taking the life it is a problem? But gathering hundreds of unaware animals in a dirty factory for slaughter is fine? Because you only see a package in the store? I don't get it?

One way an animal has free reign of the country to run. Where it actually takes quite a lot of knowledge know-how to be able to get a good shot on an animal. Other way animals are raised on a farm and fattened up, living in non-natural places waiting to stand in a line to be slaughtered.

One way seems pretty inhumane and it isn't hunting.
Well take this example as the point im trying to make

Imagine you are a politician signing off the order to send a drone into some al quieda hotspot to drop some bombs and kill some terrorists. Your doing it from your nice office, you dont see who is going to get killed or the collateral damage, the lives that will get destroyed.
If that politician was actually on the ground walked around the target area saw the people and so on that were going to die aside from the terrorists he would probably have a different opinion on sending that drone strike. Suddenly he has the image of the families that are dead. Thats what I mean about out of sight, out of mind.

I had a construction project in the philippines where its custom to put pigs blood on the site for good luck and also fatten up a pig on the site and kill it at the end of the project and eat it. I was up in the building one day and I start hearing this horrible screaming from the pig because the workers were killing it to eat that night. Blood letting which takes quite a while all the time the pig screaming wildy. I had to get as far away from the site as possible and I didnt eat any bacon for a few months. The point is when that shit happens right in front of you your visual and hearing senses pic it up and it has a much greater effect on you
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