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English people suddenly taking a stand against hunting after killing every single big game animal in their entire country... lel

I kind of understand though. To the British hunting means going out and just indiscriminately killing everything that moves and using nothing but the pelt to make hats and leaving the rest to rot.

For Americans and us Canadians, it means paying huge taxes and levies to fund conservation efforts, only hunting during season, and only on animal populations that can sustain it.

If you want to get bent out of shape over something, take a look into our fishing industry. Now THAT is shameful. But fish aren't cute, I guess.

This is like British people whining about American 'imperialism'.

I like you GR, but this thread is ass. You remind me of my cousins who all live in the UK still. Constantly criticizing other countries because the UK finally decided to grow a conscience like 30 years ago, but only after they were no longer capable of abusing anyone anyway. It would mean something if you guys had had this kind of change of heart when you were still relevant on the world stage.

Edit: From reading through this thread, this is clearly a case of the old: If you want a strong opinion on something, ask someone who knows nothing about it.

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