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Originally Posted by DonRifle View Post
I had a construction project in the philippines where its custom to put pigs blood on the site for good luck and also fatten up a pig on the site and kill it at the end of the project and eat it. I was up in the building one day and I start hearing this horrible screaming from the pig because the workers were killing it to eat that night. Blood letting which takes quite a while all the time the pig screaming wildy. I had to get as far away from the site as possible and I didnt eat any bacon for a few months. The point is when that shit happens right in front of you your visual and hearing senses pic it up and it has a much greater effect on you
Nobody likes to hear an animal scream or wail but to have to run away and swear off bacon for months??? You should go full vegan. Seriously, you don't deserve meat.

You'd rather buy your meat from the market but you're just as guilty as the guy killing those animals. Just like the drone operator in your analogy, you have blood on your hands like it or not. And for you to bitch about hunters killing animals, is pure hypocrisy.

Rather than eat meat from an animal that has lived a free and completely natural life in the wild, you'd rather eat an animal that lived it's short miserable life in a cage, walking around in its own feces, eating genetically engineered food filled with hormones and vaccines. Because God forbid you should have to see some blood.
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