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Originally Posted by DonRifle View Post
No I havent hunted but I have shot weapons, and while I think there maybe plenty of skill in tracking a deer and being quiet enough to sneak up on it and get your shot off is not easy. However we are talking about open african plains where hunters drive around in jeeps. Your going to tell me that takes a high skill level with such a big target and guides finding them for you? I don't have to be a hunter to form an opinion on that
Why have knowledge of something when you can imagine it based off of no information what so ever?

Originally Posted by DonRifle View Post
And dogs do get killed during hunting there has been plenty of incidents if you look online, in fact a case has been filed about it as you can see here.

I read also the average hunting dog dies between 5-7 years of age, they are trained with shock collars
Hounds are used for tracking prey with often the hunter far behind on his GPS. Your saying that when the hounds corner the animal, the just stand there and wait for the hunter to come? They don't attack the prey and the prey (bear, wolf etc) doesn't attack the dogs?

Seems highly unlikely to me
I didn't say it never happened but more dogs are killed crossing roads than they are in hunts. Are drivers now immoral? Also that article covers people using dogs to hunt wolves that are attacking and killing livestock.

Let's see... most hunting dog breeds only live 5-7 years so that would explain their utterly inhumane life span. Shock collars aren't set to cause pain - only a physical jolt. The hounds are indeed trained to corner the prey and that's it. Occasionally an animal does attack the dogs but most are content to try and get away from them.

Originally Posted by DonRifle View Post
Can you imagine deadman getting chased down for 10 miles with a bunch of people and dogs hunting to kill you? Can you imagine the trauma that presents for an animal and what a horrible experience that is for them? Would you do that to your dog?

I dont need experience in being cruel to and killing animals for my argument to have a basis.
I could but it's not the same for an animal because it's a god damned animal. As much as you would like to think animals have a full range of emotions and experience things the way we do - they do not. At all. From prey to pet they do not.

Your whole argument is based off of nothing. You have no knowledge of what you speak and claim with a straight face that you don't need knowledge to know it's wrong. Bull shit. That is ignorance in its finest form. Admitting that you know nothing and proclaiming yourself happy to be so uneducated.

Originally Posted by RearNaked View Post
I think most of us are just having fun. No one's opinion on hunting pro or con is being changed by a thread on the internet.

People who hate hunters should just go on a hunt and see what it's actually like. And people who hate hippies should go to burning man and get laid.
I think a large number of people are just getting disgusted. I agree with the going hunting thing though but how is going to Burning Man going to make someone stop hating hippies? It's one of my main arguments for why hippies should be exterminated*!

*Or at least moved to Canada

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