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Yea really people need to stop shitting on Serra because he didnt earn the title the more common way. And whats with this negative shit towards the reality show? The fighters dont deserve any respect because they had to work their way to top on a tv show? So ****en what I dont see TuF as a reality series I see it as a UFC event every week and am interested in it and want to see it as much as a title fight.

Matt Serra deserves that title.

He is a fighter that you can see growing all the time, he is always different in his fights, you can pin all your arguements to the TuF 4 finale, but do it in a fair way and compare it to 2002 Matt Serra, compare it to 2007 Matt Serra

Now for the reality of the matter for those against Serra, he is forever solidified in UFC history with that title so get used to it cause as long as there are welterweights, people are going to remember Matt Serra.
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