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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
I studied cinematography for a little bit, and I do graphic design, so I understand the concepts of it, but as an artform in itself? Not really in my opinion.
Just picking up a camera, taking a shot of a mountain, isn't an art form. I can agree with that. There is a huge difference however between pointing and shooting and actual photography. It's capturing a moment in time and portraying it how you want it to be portrayed, or how it made you feel at the time.

Putting thought into the shot, the composition, the filters used to control the exposure, the length of the exposure to create effects in the exposure, such as blurred water/clouds from a high stop ND filter, the depth of field, post processing work.

Actual photography is an art form. Picking up your iphone and snapping a photo randomly isn't. Again, there is a difference.

I've studied graphic design, photography and fine art. I personally find photography the best art form there is. Photography literally mean 'painting with light'. If you don't understand light and how to manage it in a photo, chances are you are not going to get a *great* shot.

I make some money from Canine photography now. Pick up a random camera and try and capture a Greyhound running flat out and isolating him from the background. It isn't easy. It takes a lot of effort and understanding. I prefer to go on walks with my clients, rather than having their animal sitting against a white background. To capture them when they're having fun, and doing what comes natural to them. You can't get the kind of shots people will pay for, by just shooting off frames randomly without any understanding of exposure, focal lengths, composition, shutter speed etc and even the animals themselves. I've learnt 10 times more about dog behavior from photographing them than I have from any book or professional.

A “snapshot” is a quick rough capture to document a scene or event. A “photograph” on the other hand is a well thought, composed, exposed and executed art form.
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