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Originally Posted by Iuanes View Post
I listened to the broadcast and the part where he mentions the law and the bible was prompted by a question by Ariel that has no mention of Christian values or criticisms.
I did see people in forums and media article comments arguing that the Bible doesn't necessarily condone hunting for the simple thrill of killing the animal. I'm sure he also got a dose of these on his twitter and blog.

But I think he mainly brought it up because he is a christian (at least by his own reckoning) and for him it is important to state the principles he lives by and justify his actions with them. Of course he is using his own interpretation of the bible and it is a lengthy, diverse document with many translations and metaphorical, parable-laden language that can be used to support practically any philosophy so to me that's like saying he lives by The Game of Thrones' series laws. Actually its even sillier because the bible was written by a bunch of different authors that frequently contradicted each other. Hell, the old testament is like a whole different version of god, before he decided to go PG-13.

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