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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
When has Vitor gassed since returning to the UFC? Heck, when has Vitor gassed since dropping to MW? It hasn't happened. Whereas Bisping gassed in his fight with Mayhem Miller. No need to make up facts. There's really no question as to Belfort's conditioning.
Vitor's cardio to me, is a mystery since he hasn't ever gone past the second round since coming back to the UFC at 185.

He does cut a lot of weight though, the infamous ice chewing video clearly tells us that, I'd imagine, if Bisping could get off on him with his volume style and the fact that Vitor does go through hell to make 185 he'd probably gas against Bisping.

But, I don't think Bisping beats Vitor, he's been rocked against everyone he's fought in the last three years except for Chael, Miller, and Mayhem who aren't known for their punching power and Wanderlei almost put him out, Vitor would KO him I feel.

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