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Dragon Age Origins on PC (you must get the PC version for the best version, not just graphics but gameplay), is probably my single favorite RPG of all time. No kidding.

Why is the PC version better you might ask? Because of pause and play. You push space bar to pause the game and switch between your characters (there's a overhead view for this to see better if you want) and make them use abilities. For example, battle starts you pause the game - send Alistair (he is my favorite tank) to the big ogre, select Morrigan and have her use fire on the oil on the ground to burn the smaller group, then have say Wynne cast buffs on your group. Then, you unpause the game and all these actions automatically start happening, once these actions are completed, you can pause the game again and assign more attacks/move your individual party members around, etc. If a fight isn't that hard, you can simply control the main character (or any character in the party) and run around hacking/slashing and using your abilities until you need to pause for whatever reason, be it using your mage to group heal or something else.

It's such a fun game combat/strategy wise, while having a good 30-40 hour long story with tons of customization/content, romance options, each race (dwarf, elf, human... I think that's it) start off in completely different areas with varying tweaks to dialogue and each race has a unique quest situated later on in the game.

Man, maybe I should play that again. If this video doesn't make you want it, I don't know what would. It explains the combat on PC, like I just did, but more details and you can see it in action.

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