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Hey boss, I get this question all the time. There's a lot of myths about it due to so much advertising and assumptions that protein is always best. When you look t the hormonal response of protein you see it releases glucagon that tells my body to release stored energy. When I take carbs my body releases insulin which tells me to store energy. Most people take carbs before and protein after, if you look at the hormonal response you'll see it's pretty backwards. I want to release energy before and store energy after. Now I am not saying don't take any, studies show a ratio of 4:1 will help with sysnthesis and replenishment of glycogen. So if you take 20grams of carbs take 5grams of protein. You're insulin sensitive 20min after a workout so make sure to get it in quick. Lastly, depending on your ethnicity you have a high chance of having lactose intolerance which will hinder your ability to absorb and replenish, if this is the case stick with an isolate whey protein. Hope this helps bro.
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