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Originally Posted by Scorch
Well how hard and time consuming would in be to train (at the same time) in BJJ and Karate or Kickboxing? Like for me I am REALLY interested in BJJ so that is a must. But on top of that maybe six months to a year after I start BJJ, I was thinking about simultaniously doing Karate.

Would this interfere and contradic my training in BJJ? Or is it do able? (Just imagin I am a purple belt in BJJ and begin Karate as a White belt; During a sparing session during class I woop up some poor dude)

I think Im thinking TOO far ahead. I need to dip my toe into BJJ and see how I like it before I think any further.
Don't get to excited...Karate sparring is standing up and so if Kickboxing.

And yes of course it is do able and its a great idea unless classes clash, if not then its great idea...loads of people practice 2 or more martial arts.

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