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It's simple, majority MMA fighters are hybrids; wrestlers turned into fighters so they don't have a deep understanding of the importance of it. They have a wide base and that's really their basis or you have ones who practice one discipline. BJJ does not focus much on this so that's why many (World champs) have a difficult transition into striking.

A simple tweek in how you pivot can mean the difference in power. IE: You have to pivot your lead leg when throwing a hook, but I can assure you most people don't know that. Or pivot your back leg when throwing a roundhouse or a right cross. This is basic, but it has to be instinctual when you're fighting in real time.

I learned footwork playing basketball and all the tricks behind it I think in many ways the same can be applied. In order to beat your opponent you need the right positioning.

We all know who has the best footwork. Going to list ones with solid movement.

Edgar, DC, JDS, Bisping, GSP, Condit, and Lyoto's is second best.

May not be the best, but I like Erick Silva and Justin Lawrence's style because that's very similar to mine.

Anderson is the ONLY one who adopts multiple style of footwork and movement. Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Capoeira, boxing stance, orthodox, and south paw. I bet most didn't realize that. He's so fluid that when you're watching you don't realize that he's doing it as Patrick Cote said it best. "One moment he's behind you, the next he's to the side." That fight Anderson displayed superior footwork and movement.

I remember watching a whole video on Anderson's footwork. It's really quite amazing the knowledge he has and HOW HE APPLIES IT INSIDE THE OCTAGON.

In fact this is a good thread because people overlook this.

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