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Originally Posted by asdf1234
nice try? i wasnt trying anything, i was simply stating that you're a redneck. anyways, kurt angle doesn't stand a chance. he would enter UFC as a wrestler. one dimensional. he would be similar to josh koscheck in tuf, except maybe a better wrestler. sure, ufc would give him time to train his kickboxing and stuff, but he'd only get what, 6 months? you can't enter the ufc and expect to fight the best fighters there are with 6 months of kickboxing/boxing training. it's just not realistic.

if he fought with chuck liddell, liddell would knock him out so fast it wouldnt even be funny. do you realize that chuck liddell has insanely great ground defense? even if you can get him to the ground(which an olympic gold medalist should be able to do) liddell would get back up almost instantly.

it's just not realistic, man.
How can someone from CANADA who lives in the SUBURBS who doesnt have an ounce of country in his be a redneck?

And you could tell from the video that BJJ posted that Chuck was hesitant to say he'd beat Angle. He said once he gets hit it's gonna hurt.. yeah so? When Kurt takes you down and starts grounding and pounding thats gonna leave a mark too..

And im not saying Chuck doesnt have a chance cause every fighter has a punchers chance.. I'm saying if Kurt trains he will definitely claim a title and dominate the division. Chuck is at the top of the latter, but i really dont think he has what it takes to survive in the cage against gold medal wrestling.
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