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Day 8
I brought a huge fire into the gym tonight!

I poured out as much as I possibly could haha!

I had 3-shirts on a t-shirt and 2 long sleeves.

we had a warmup jog I think I ran around the gym 20 times, each time I came to the start point I'd drop and do 5 up-downs.

after the warmup the pushup and crunch ladder! I cranked out 80 or so pushups before I failed to keep up with the team, on the crunches I did 90,80,70,60,50 I did more crunch than the rest of the team by 3x! They only did 100 I did 350 haha! I was joking with one of my friends in the gym I did this while you guys were playing around. Once and awhile it takes a bit to transition from the pushups to the crunches. So I've been in the habit of rolling straight over and start the crunches as soon as I'm done with the pushups.

after this we did 10 rounds of 3 minute rounds at 30 second burst. We worked on stances standing. We worked on core work on the mats, and stability.

After this 5 or 6 rounds of 3-minutes with 30 seconds of rest I got some mitts and worked with one of the new members jake.

I sat back and drilled him hard, he was a tough kid I didn't let him take any slack.

After the mitt work Jake and I rolled in jiu-jitsu the wrestling art I know. We put in at least a dozen sparring sessions that lasted at least 2-8 minutes each. The 2 of us more or less traded win for win on the sparring.

I had also worked with a larger guy for 3-4 rolls, one of the rolls I nearly won via a neck crank I was torquing so hard on his neck I thought it would snap crackle and pop!

Man I loved the intensity tonight!

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