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I currently own two firearms: a pistol I purchased on my 21st birthday and an old Russian Nagant from WW2. Both are well hidden but very accessible if the zombies were to show up uninvited. Mind you, I don't have kids so I'm not as cautious with them as I would be if that were the case. I'll probably be buying myself a shotgun for Christmas because I can. Honestly, I have no need for them. I don't hunt. I (currently) don't live in a high crime area either. I just like going to the local shooting range and tearing some sh*t up from time to time. I understand why some people are opposed to possessing firearms, but obviously I agree to disagree on this topic.

At this point, at least in America, I feel guns are too ingrained in our culture to ever realistically ban them. We're a nation that was built with guns. Pioneers had to have them to eat, and when it came time to cry revolution, it was that very necessity that made said pioneers bad ass shots that could contend with the most powerful military might of their time. There would be no America had it not been for our guns, so many wax patriotic over them with an almost morbid fascination.

With that said, gun lobbyists in America have WAY too many connections and influence for guns to ever truly go away. So instead, the major gun companies plant these seeds of doubt in enthusiasts heads that one day they're going to have big brother knocking on their door demanding their weapons. This is most easily demonstrated by the insane spike in gun sales/prices since president Obama was elected. Despite what they say publicly, the major gun manufacturers absolutely love Obama being in office. They probably even kiss his picture goodnight and certainly pray for his reelection so they have a boogey man to point at and scare folks with...
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