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Yeah I'm glad Xavier got schooled aswell. If Bradley was actually a good fighter, he would have easily finished that one once he dropped him. He nearly did regardless, but tried to grapple for some reason.

Hope Valentino doesnt get given the shot. He's a dick and a terrible fighter. Bolo is that weight yeah? If George is a man he'll pick the most worthy fighter because giving the weakest a chance is a complete joke (even though no way the ridiculously ugly dude beats Bolo).

The diary shit was a joke aswell. I think my brother is a dick at times. I think my best mate is a retard at times. Catching feelings because you went inside someones head and see what they have ever said about you IS retarded. Tenner bet any of them have though "Man he's a prick" about another team mate. They keep their thoughts in their head, but obviously Bradley likes to get them out on paper, and it's the dudes right to do so.

And yeah, I'm with drug test next week. Nothing worse could happen. Hope it's an Aussie guy aswell. Everytime I hear them say "Poms" I think they are a complete bunch of ***gots. It would be like the English dudes calling them Dingos every two seconds.

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