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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
At the moment, JDS' take down defense is just like how Machida's TDD was hyped up before he fought Jon Jones, or an elite level wrestler who's game plan was to take him down. (Note, Rashad Evans wasn't committed to taking the fight to the ground).

JDS' TDD still hasn't really been tested from a truly elite level wrestler, just like Machidas hadn't before he fought Jon.

Jon Jones scooped up Machida like he was a toy and dumped him onto his ass. That's the calibre of wrestler Jon Jones is. Dos Santos isn't on this kids level. Bulked up, Jon would toss Junior to the floor and brutalise him with elbows.
So you are saying JDS's TDD hasn't been tested...although he hasn't really had much trouble defending or getting right back up.

But then somehow you seem to "know" that Jones...a 205er....who fights 185ers would ragdoll JDS?

Didn't Jones struggle to get Rampage down early in the fight before Page faded?

JDS would land 1 big uppercut and it would be least I think.

If Bones really is this beastly and is able to truly toss the undisputed HW Champ around....then it is really a shame he is wasting his time fighting guys who failed in 185 title fights..
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