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Originally Posted by Iuanes View Post
I would like to see Jones fight someone like Overeem first. Who knows, he might even have the belt before Jones moves up anyway.

Even though these guys are bigger, Jones still has the reach advantage and he uses it.

JDS is a great boxer, but he'd be outranged by Jones with no recourse for a takedown.
Machida at what little stubby reach? Was able to connect on Jones. You are saying JDS...a superior boxer would get out "ranged" all night? You think he would sit at the end of his punches all night?

Jones has no standing KO power at 205. So he probably will have less at HW unless he goes OVEREEM on us. JDS would walk right through any weak jabs Jones had and land his own devastating shots.

Not everything is about reach. Reach certainly helps. But to say a striker like JDS would get out-boxed all night by Jones's weak punches is a little out there.

Miguel Torres had a huge reach for 135. Very technical. Good boxer. And he got caught a few times and finished by guys giving up a half a foot of reach. Timing and technical polished skills are better to have than reach.

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