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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
I said his TDD hasn't been tested against a truly elite level wrestler who has fully committed to take downs and a game plan. Just like Machida, before he ran into Jones. Remember? Machida had the best TDD ever according to the majority of fans. That opinion seemed to change in a heart beat after Jones tossed him to the ground like a dogs chew toy and murdered him with elbows.

Jones isn't wasting any thing. He's going to go down in history as the greatest mixed martial arts fighter to ever exist. Love him, hate him, what ever, it doesn't matter. The kid is just too freakishly talented. After he's dried out the LHW division of every contender available, he'll then set his sights on HW and conquer that division too.

Also your pop at Vitor Belfort was unnecessary really. A failed 185'er, who happened to also be a former 205lb champion.

You think JDS would land one big uppercut, that's fine. If we're still here if that fight ever gets booked in the future, we can make a fun bet.

Now you're in no position to call out any one on making bold claims are you Mr "let's support fighters pre-fight for months on end and ram it down every other members throats about how they're guaranteed to win, and then when they lose, instantly stop supporting said fighter(s) and pretend I didn't say any thing".

So please, pipe down sport. I'll deal with you nearer the Cain/JDS fight and give you a signature you'll never be able to erase.
lol, I love how you keep saying that. You try to make it seem like I stopped supporting Chael full stop yet I was all over him and was predicting him to KO Forrest. I gave Anderson his props and I still root for the American Gangster and always will.

Btw, I'm sure a true band wagon fan wouldn't have signed up with a Lyoto Machida username when he was on a two fight skid. Just because I move on and replaced all my Chael stuff with BJ stuff doesn't make me a band wagon fan, it just means I don't dwell on losses.

If you really have that much confidence in a guy who got ko'ed in 64 seconds by a one legged man, then kudos to you. But you're clearly just a butthurt Cain fan who believes the first fight was a fluke, when it was proof that Junior can put Cain out embarrassingly quick fashion if he chooses.

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