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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
I said his TDD hasn't been tested against a truly elite level wrestler who has fully committed to take downs and a game plan. Just like Machida, before he ran into Jones. Remember? Machida had the best TDD ever according to the majority of fans. That opinion seemed to change in a heart beat after Jones tossed him to the ground like a dogs chew toy and murdered him with elbows.

Jones isn't wasting any thing. He's going to go down in history as the greatest mixed martial arts fighter to ever exist. Love him, hate him, what ever, it doesn't matter. The kid is just too freakishly talented. After he's dried out the LHW division of every contender available, he'll then set his sights on HW and conquer that division too.

Also your pop at Vitor Belfort was unnecessary really. A failed 185'er, who happened to also be a former 205lb champion.

You think JDS would land one big uppercut, that's fine. If we're still here if that fight ever gets booked in the future, we can make a fun bet.

Now you're in no position to call out any one on making bold claims are you Mr "let's support fighters pre-fight for months on end and ram it down every other members throats about how they're guaranteed to win, and then when they lose, instantly stop supporting said fighter(s) and pretend I didn't say any thing".

So please, pipe down sport. I'll deal with you nearer the Cain/JDS fight and give you a signature you'll never be able to erase.
I used to think you were a decent poster, but your a goof. "Sport"?

Who haven't I supported? Erick Silva? What should I say? I'm in no position to talk after him losing. Does that mean I now don't support him?

Maybe I missed everyone saying it. But I don't remember people saying Machida would stuff Jones' TDs Everyone picked Bones so obviously they figured he would get a TD and work from there. No one figured he would win by striking for 5 rounds...peoples expected him to take Machida down. People thought Machida had a very good base for a guy who was never a wrestler. But his TDD was never proven. He got trip took down by Shogun. The only wrestler he stuffed was a crusty Tito. Rashad never tried. I think you are exaggerating here.

There is a difference between a natural 6 foot 205er with good TDD and a 6'4 240lb fighter with TDD. Would you not think this? Why did you ignore the Rampage example?

It wasn't a pop at Vitor. It was a pop at Jones. Vitor is 35 and the what 4th best MW? Jones accepted a fight with him. He is now accepting a fight with Sonnen another failed 185er who is also what? 36?....who couldn't beat the 185 champ...yet Jones is going to take him on for the 205 title? He was going to fight Hendo (huge Hendo fan) but he is a 41 year old man who'd body wouldn't allow him to fight at 185. And these are great title defenses. When Anderson already put them all away. So he will have 2 defenses in a row over 185ers. Machida doesn't even really cut weight either.

Perhaps it isn't to you. But to me, if Jones is this beastly it is a shame he is spending months to do a show to fight a 185er who lost last time out. If he truly does go to HW by 2013 he will have wasted 2 title shots fighting MW fighters.

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