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Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
You can easily say this about Sonnen as well. Really want to see that season.
Yeah some of it you can.

I dont consider him to be Fake, a Douchbag, or a scumbag. He certainly is a liar but its very obvious lies that its basically funny. For instance when he denied saying the Lance comment while the guy played a audio clip of him actually saying it. And he said "That does not sound like me at all. I thought you were kidding tbh" that had me and my friends laughing for hours.

The only thing he did that i think was Douchey/Scumbaggish was the comment he made about the Brazilian kids playing in the mud.

Well i take the douchebag comment back. Thinking about it Chael is certainly a douchebag but a funny douchebag.

Anyway it doesnt really matter. Chael and Jones are 2 very different people that behave very differently. Chael comes off as a good guy playing the bad guy role while Jones is a bad guy pretending to be a good guy. And he is doing a horrible job at it since just about everyone can see past it.

Lucky for me my personal feelings for the guy dont make his talent any less enjoyable to watch.
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