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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
Maybe i'm a fan boy but i've watched JDS spar with Shogun (granted Junior has improved alot since then) and I think that Anderson would hand him his first KO loss if the two ever fought. Unfortunately it will never happen..

Imagine if Anderson beat GSP, Bones and JDS and then retired like a boss.

I don't think Andy could beat the big wrestlers in the HW div. but I definitely think he'd beat the strikers.
I agree with Silva beating the HW strikers including Dos Santos. In fact, Dos Santos looks like to be tailor made. No TD threat and even if it gets to the ground, no real offensive submission threat. He only boxes, while Silva uses literally EVERY striking tool to be ever invented and he drops people with jabs while walking backwards. Dos Santos may have the best striking timing on the current HW roster, but it's nowhere close to Silva's. With Silva being able to dodge Belfort's hands, Dos Santos couldn't rely on that huge overhand right he dropped Velasquez with, and technical striking is Silva's domain.

With the wrestlers, I'm not sure. A 203ish Silva certainly would be in trouble IF those wrestlers can get a hand on him (but keep in mind that their shots are much slower than Sonnen at 185), but if Silva bulked up and put on some muscles and fought at 230-240 his power would also massively increase his submission threat. So while they might get him down it's the question whether they really want to be on the ground with him.
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