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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Just commenting on one thing.

I actually did see alot of posts saying "Machida might be able to stop Jones takedowns since he has some of the best TDD which might make for an interesting fight"

Especially in replies to me saying that Machida does not have great takedown defense.

So yeah... just my 2 cents from what i saw.
Yea, perhaps there were a fair share who believed so. There are a lot of Machida fans here and a lot of people who don't care for Jones. But a strong % I know picked Jones to win the fight. And if I remember no one really had Jones landing a KO or putting on a clinic for 5 rounds. So I assume most figured Jones would win, by beating him up on the ground.

Machida's TDD to that the OP says about JDS was "not tested". To that point Machida got trip took down by Shogun. He fought Rashad but he didn't try to take him down. The only real wrestler he fought to that point was a 46 year old Randy and a washed up broken down Tito. Both slow as hell while Machida is probably the quickest/most elusive.

What I was trying to tell him is 6 foot 205 lb Machida's good TDD or 6 foot 4 240lb JDS's good TDD. I'm assuming Jds will be much harder to take down than Machida.
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