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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Yeah some of it you can.

I dont consider him to be Fake, a Douchbag, or a scumbag. He certainly is a liar but its very obvious lies that its basically funny. For instance when he denied saying the Lance comment while the guy played a audio clip of him actually saying it. And he said "That does not sound like me at all. I thought you were kidding tbh" that had me and my friends laughing for hours.

The only thing he did that i think was Douchey/Scumbaggish was the comment he made about the Brazilian kids playing in the mud.

Well i take the douchebag comment back. Thinking about it Chael is certainly a douchebag but a funny douchebag.

Anyway it doesnt really matter. Chael and Jones are 2 very different people that behave very differently. Chael comes off as a good guy playing the bad guy role while Jones is a bad guy pretending to be a good guy. And he is doing a horrible job at it since just about everyone can see past it.

Lucky for me my personal feelings for the guy dont make his talent any less enjoyable to watch.
Originally Posted by hadoq View Post
the thing is

Chael does it for the fun of it and making $$$, he's obviously faking his persona
Jones does it because he wants to be liked and thinks he's genuinely fooling people with his act (and it works for some)

Chael is an adult, Jones is a kid
Chael probably perfectly knows who he is as a person, Jones still seems in the "post teen age" phase when he's still figuring out who he is.
Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
I don't know where people came up with the love to hate him nonsense. It's like they use that as an excuse about why no one likes him. When in reality I'd love ro like Jones. Hell there was a time me and many others liked him. And then he started getting more exposure and we saw him say or do stupid things over and over again.

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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
In terms of scumbaggery....

drunk driving and endangering the lives of others > harmless money laundering and tweaking your testosterone level

Easily. Chael Sonnen has never put anyone's life in jeopardy. Jon Jones has.
Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Those crimes are not a big deal to me. And that has nothing to do with my comments anyway. I consider Jones a fake douchebag for many different reasons and his crimes are the least of it.

There is no double standard here since Jones hasnt done the same things Chael has. If he DID the same things Chael has and then i liked Chael but didnt like Jones... THEN id be employing a double standard.

And btw i did admit to Chael being a douchebag. Read more then 1 sentence will yah.
All of this is completely deluded and fairly ******* retarded. Fail Sonnen is a liar, fake, douchebag, idiot... Persona or not, Fail has told several outright lies, but none of you idiots hate him for it. The simple fact that he has a public persona means he is fake, yet you don't hate him for it? He's clearly a douche, and despite what some idiot said, there's nothing funny about it, and one of you retards said that's part of the reason you're swinging on his nutsack? Yet, you consider Bones all of those, but you do hate him for it. To whichever moron was failing miserably to explain how that double standard isn't a double standard, THAT IS A DOUBLE STANDARD!!!!!!! Just shut the **** up already.

[QUOTE=MMA-Sportsman;1644012]He is a stand up comedian. He will be nice depending of which side of the joke you are.

He's not a stand up comedian, he's a joke.
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