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Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
I disagree. If you're cutting weight and using an illegal substance that gives you an advantage over your opponent, it's cheating imo.

I never get these dopers, what are you trying to achieve here. . He likely thought he wasn't going to get caught which really makes you wonder how many times it's happened in the past.
You think it matters i dont. That is perfectly okay.


What kind of advantage did it give him over Anderson?? All it did was help him make weight. And since it was a short notice fight and he was retired it is understandable.
It doesn't make his performance any better come fight time. Taking something like Drostanolone might actually be a negative impact for fighting since it might make it harder to get your bodies water weight back after the weigh ins. (Though this is just pure speculation on my part.)

And Anderson is a MW so he didnt have to cut nearly as much weight as Bonnar.

I take it you consider Nick Diaz a cheater too??? It would only be right after all. Pot could potentially help Nick Diaz eat healthy foods when he must. It could help him get a good nights rest thus healing his muscles and mind. It can help him mentally take a load off after a hard days of training. All of these things improve his performance come fight time. So using your logic Nick Diaz is a cheater.

Personally i would never call Nick Diaz a cheater even if smoking pot MIGHT help his overall performance. As long as he does not go in to training or the fight stoned that is (I cant imagine any benefits doing that lol). Joe Rogan actually agreed that Pot is a performance enhancer.

Anyway.. if you dont want to answer all that its okay.
Im not trying to change your opinion.
I have no feelings towards your opinions whether its agreeing with me or disagreeing with me.
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